M.W. Mathis

Welcome to Berladon Chronicles.

My mother introduced me to The Hobbit when I was in the fourth grade. I read it in a weekend. That next Christmas she gave me The Lord of the Rings. I was hooked!

I found few things more exciting than embarking on the journey contained within the pages of a book. I spent countless hours immersed in the fantasy worlds of Middle Earth, Narnia, Pern, Randland and Roshar to name but a few and then came roleplaying with pen and paper and of course the dice.

Yes, many things have influenced my writing through the years, people I have met, places I have visited and events I have witnessed, but none has had a greater impact than Christianity. As I put pen to paper, the words I write are inspired by my dreams and experiences yet tempered by my worldview.

These days when I am not sitting at my laptop writing about the world of Kren, I can be found in the garden out back, or taking walks with my wife or enjoying a fine homecooked meal. Send me an email, I would love to hear from you.