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About the Berladon Chronicles

The intricately woven threads of a completed tapestry reveal a picture and though there are two sides to the tapestry, only one is intended to be seen, with the other hidden against the wall. Novels can be viewed in much the same way, the characters, their choices and the ensuing consequences are woven together to tell a story, but just like the tapestry there are two sides to every story. In this series both sides of the epic conflict between good and evil are masterfully depicted in the Black and White books of the Berladon Chronicles. The two distinct storylines of White and Black intersect in many places, yet their end is depicted in the Grey book.

This series takes place in a world called Kren. A world in which you will find much that is familiar; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the stars wheel across the night sky and the moon has it waning and waxing. There will be much of the flora and fauna that you recognize, and when you enter into any town or city you will feel right at home. The world of Kren is populated by humans doing human things, building cities and nations and empires some of which you can see in the map below. While there are no elves and orcs or dwarves and goblins, there are a few fantastical races, the Falkiri, Kalree, and Chantra (pronounced shawntra) which you will meet.

The first book is finished; White, Black, and Grey yet the story continues…

Welcome to Kren!

A map of Northern Berladon